A Few Great Resources for International Students in the U.S.

I arrived in the United States (U.S.) several years ago to pursue an undergraduate education as an international student . There is a lot I could say about the international student experience in the U.S., but the purpose of the short post is to share some of the resources I have found helpful for keeping me informed about relevant immigration policies and filing procedures.

When I talk about my experience as an international student, I sometimes mention that in addition to the formal education I received, I also received an informal one in U.S. Immigration Policy that might have been enough to earn me an academic minor.

There is a lot of information international students need to learn, understand, and apply to simply remain in the U.S. And, since you are reading this post, it likely means that you don’t simply want to remain, but also thrive in the U.S.

That’s enough preamble, though. Check out the resources below.

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International Student Services

The information they provided was always timely, even if I had begun to feel impatient or anxious because of something I had learned through another channel. The ISS department was where I went to evaluate work opportunities, get “close-to-home” professional opinions, and ask questions about anything that related to my student status.

The ISS department is probably the most accessible resource international students have. I made sure to visit mine regularly by making appointments or simply walking in. I consider myself fortunate to have gone to a small school with a friendly staff and where walk-ins seemed more the norm than the exception.

USCIS News Alerts


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